Install LED strip lights for a portable bathtub for shower

Install LED strip lights for a portable bathtub for shower

So, you’ve got one cool portable bathtub for shower and want to give it some snazzy vibes with LED strip lights? Awesome choice! It can transform your bathing time into a groovy, relaxing experience. Here are the secrets to how to do it:

What You Need

LED strip lights that can handle a bit of water (you know, waterproof ones)

A power supply or LED driver

Sticky double-sided tape

Wire connectors

Wire strippers and cutters

Some silicone sealant

A screwdriver

A drill, if you’re feeling fancy


In this part, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Set the Scene

First things first, make sure your portable shower tub is bone dry. You don’t want water anywhere near this electrifying project.

Step 2: Plan Your LED Strip Show

Think about where you want those LED strips to shine. Do you want them under the tub’s rim or maybe along the edges of the tub’s surroundings? Measure the length you’ll need to cover that area.

Step 3: Snip the LED Strips

Time to play Edward Scissorhands with your LED strips. Measure twice, cut once. Most LED strips have handy-dandy cut lines, so no worries about messing up.

Step 4: Get Your Strip Game On

If your LED strips have connectors, strip the ends of the wires (the plastic, not the party kind) to expose them. Now, connect these wires to the right terminals on the LED driver or power supply. Make sure positive (+) meets positive and negative (-) meets negative.

Step 5: Stick Them Up

Grab that double-sided tape and slap it on the back of your LED strips. Stick ’em where you planned earlier. They should be snug and spaced evenly. If you’re feeling extra cautious, seal the deal with a bit of silicone sealant.

Step 6: Power It Up

Time to plug and play! Connect the wires from the LED driver or power supply to your LED strips. Double-check the colors: red usually means positive (+), and black is negative (-).

Step 7: Test the lights

Don’t go sealing everything up just yet. Turn on the power supply and see if your LED strips light up like a Saturday-night disco. If they don’t, retrace your steps and double-check those connections.

Step 8: Tame Those Wires

No one likes a messy look, right? Use wire clips or stick-on cable organizers to keep those wires in check. This step is all about keeping things neat and avoiding any tripping hazards.

Step 9: Make It Waterproof

Remember, water and electricity don’t mix. Apply a wee bit of silicone sealant along the edges of the LED strips to waterproof them. This will keep your lights dry and happy.

Step 10: Final Check

Once the sealant dries, give your setup one last glance. Make sure the wires are secured and the LED strips are firmly in place. Check the lighting one more time to ensure it’s all working like a charm.

Step 11: Enjoy the LED Bath Party

With everything shipshape and working perfectly, you’re ready to rock your LED-lit portable shower tub. It’ll give your bathing experience a fancy touch, and you’ll be the coolest guy in town.


Now, remember safety first when you’re dealing with electricity and water. If you’re not a DIY electrician, it’s okay to ask a friend or hire a pro to make sure your LED light show doesn’t turn into a shocker. So, go ahead, set the mood, and soak up the LED brilliance!

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