A must Have Features in a Best Air Purifier for Smoke

A must Have Features in a Best Air Purifier for Smoke

Did you know that having an air purifier for smoke is easy but not as easy as getting the best air purifier for smoke? With the advancements in technology, smoke purifiers have never been much better than now. Going for the best requires numerous comparisons that might make you sick. This article will give you impressive specifications that the best air purifier for smoke should never miss. This is what will make it the best for its purposes. You need to consider two types of smoke: odourless and smoke with an odour like cigar smoke.

The Filtration Technology

This is one of the key elements that will make the air purifier that you buy outstanding for its purpose. Over time HEPA filters have proved to be the best in getting rid of fine and microparticles with odour. Other experts suggest carbon-activated filters. This is because of their ability to trap pollutants that are gaseous state. Other filters employ ionizing techniques while others destroy contaminants in their molecular form. The effectiveness of each type of filter is what makes the particular type of filter better than the other.

Airflow Rate

Removing smoke needs you to have a purifier with the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate, also known as the CADR. This is the only standard way of measuring the performance of your air purifier for smoke. Experts advise that you should consider a smoke air purifier with high CADR. Smoke purifiers with this particular feature are the most effective for your living room. However, it is good you establish the size of your room and closeness to the smoke source for you to get the right smoke air purifier.

Activated Carbon Filters 

Smoke comes in hand with various types of gases. All these gases might not be good for your health; hence you will need to remove them. For this purpose, carbon-activated filters will come in hand. This has a unique set of capabilities of getting rid of these gases through active absorption and adsorption. It would be best if you went for an air purifier with many activated carbon films of layers. Small numbers of activated carbon filters are not the best so avoid going for them. It is best if you went for the most effective air purifier for removing smoke.

Additional Features

Other features that will make the best air purifier for smoke outstanding include the following.

Extra Particle sensors

This is a key feature that helps to regulate the speed of the fans as per their needs. This helps save on energy used compared to running the fan at a constant rate all through.

Extra Air/Particle Filters 

You might find it helpful to go for purifiers with extra ionic generators or filters. These will increase your filtration efficiency by getting rid of pollutant molecules from the smoke.

Android Phone /iPhone Compatibility

With the modern tech, you might want to go for a filter that you can monitor over your phone. Do a little research to know which type of purifier has this feature. 

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