Is Zen the true ending?

Instead, we’re given the Epiphany ending, where it is confirmed that among all the RFA members, only Zen is real, and he is trapped in another dimension where he can never get to you. He then confesses his love for you.

Does Zen have a bad ending?

Like the rest of the main characters, Zen has three bad endings, and two bad relationship endings which occur if you did not get enough hearts for Zen.

Does MC end up with Zen?

In Bad Story End 1, Zen and MC are married and Jaehee is an alcoholic; in Bad Story End 3, MC takes Jaehee’s job as Jumin’s assistant. In the Normal End, the friendship is put at risk by Jumin asking MC to work for him. In the good ending, Jaehee finds what Nameless!

How do you get the Zen’s good ending?

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Zen Normal End: reach the party with 0-9 opened RSVP emails.
  2. Zen Good End: reach the party with 10 or more opened RSVP emails.
  3. Zen Bad Story End 1: select incorrect answers (hostile or bored with Zen) through to the Day 7 branch point.
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How do I stop the Zen bad ending?

Tips to avoid Bad Endings:

  1. Flirt.
  2. Don’t be a douche.
  3. Don’t get jealous especially to Jaehee.
  4. Don’t let Jaehee and other fans dictate how Zen should live his life, but don’t attack them.
  5. Don’t force him to accept Jumin’s offer.
  6. Visit him.

Can you date Zen in Mystic Messenger?

Handsome and looking for love, Zen is only available in Mystic Messengers Casual mode and is kind of the “default” love interest; he makes his interest apparent fairly early, and the story of Mystic Messenger makes most sense when you begin with a Zen playthrough.

Is Zen an albino?

Zen (stylized as ZEN) is the stage name of Hyun Ryu (류현, Ryu Hyeon), a 24-year-old musical stage artist. He has pale skin, red-brown colored eyes, and white-colored hair that is short at the front and long at the back, implying that he’s an albino.

Is Jaehee in love with Zen?

Some of the characters assume that Jaehee likes Zen as more than just a friend, but she always denies it by saying that she’s just his friend and a fan. Zen doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in her on other’s route, but on Jaehee’s route it’s really visible that he cares about her deeply.

Does Zen have feelings for MC?

Each RFA member falls for an MC with a particular personality. However, by addressing YOU, Zen is ultimately saying that he loves you as the player, and not as a character in the game. MC is a bunch of different people in different routes. She loves different people in different routes.

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Does 707 Love MC in every route?

It’s clear that 707 cares deeply for you in every route, but it’s open to interpretation on whether it can be classified as “love”. It’s arguable that he just cares deeply for you as a friend.

What happened Saeran?

Despite the difficult decision, Saeyoung left Saeran under the impression that he would be protected by Rika and V, and left to work as a secret agent where he ended up giving up his identity as Saeyoung Choi to protect Saeran.

How do I stop jumin bad endings?

Tips to avoid bad endings:

  1. Don’t act like a gold digger or social climber.
  2. Stay classy and think logically.
  3. Don’t act like you’re his lover or his future wife.
  4. Be worried of his feelings but don’t overreact.

Can you date 707 in casual story?

Because 707 and Jumin Han are only romanceable in Deep Story, and V’s and Ray’s hearts are only obtainable in Another Story. The player will not be able to get their route even if they get their hearts during the Day 1-4 time span of gameplay in Casual Story.

What is Jumins bad ending?

Bad Story Ending 3

Jumin is sorry for not letting you go and hopes to see you tomorrow in the dress he got you. When the player gets home, the hacker is waiting for you. He wants revenge on Seven, but Seven’s too strong, so he wants to make him feel guilty.

Does Saeran die in V route?

Saeran is dead. Rfa decides to help Rika. Saeran is dead. 2 years later, V get back to me, smiling and telling me he loves me, he’s become a better man.

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Is yoosung a Yandere?

Yoosung Kim is one of the possible yanderes for the MC in Mystic Messengers.

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