Why Huawei Watch 3 Is Worth The Hype?

Why Huawei Watch 3 Is Worth The Hype?

In a very short span of time, Huawei has made several achievements in the field of technology. Due to every release being a success, the company is now a competitor of the world tech giants. The brand is capable of producing all kinds of smart devices with features comparable to Apple and Samsung.

Apart from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Huawei Smart Watch is also worth the attention. They are incredibly ergonomic in design, with astonishing features that make you want to purchase them instantly. In this article, you’ll not only be reading about Huawei as a brand but also get an insight on the Watch 3 as the first company’s product to operate on Harmony OS.

All about Huawei

Huawei was founded in the year 1987. What was meant to be a rural sales agent for a Hong Kong-based phone business started manufacturing smartphones with competitive features in no time. The company partnered with Leica and Google to produce several electronic gems such as the P and Mate series that are considered some of the best smartphones in the market.

However, Huawei’s reach and sale in the west has downgraded ever since its involvement with the Chinese government. This has played a major role in the creation of Harmony OS. The new operating system is the in-house creation of Huawei that allows the company to break free from western influence.

Huawei Smart Watches

The success of Huawei led to the creation of yet another major release, the Huawei smartwatches. The first-ever Huawei Watch came out in 2015 with the Android Wear OS installed. Although it had several excellent features, the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Watch were unarguably the better alternatives.

This didn’t stop Huawei from improving its specs and designs for the product. With the Huawei Watch GT series, the company immediately became the talk of the town. Later on, due to political as well as commercial reasons, Huawei released the first-ever operating system known as the Harmony OS, while the first device to test this is the Watch 3.

Huawei Watch 3

The Huawei Watch 3 comes in two versions, that too in two different materials. One is the Huawei Watch 3 Pro Classic Edition that uses high-grade titanium and ceramic in its construction. On the other hand, the Watch 3 uses stainless steel and features a smaller and thinner design. The battery life of the former is longer. However, the AMOLED display and screen resolution for both remain the same.

The Watch 3 series is easy to use and functions via a touchscreen and two buttons, one of which is a crown. It is rotatable and helps to scroll through pages and set up alarms.

The features differentiating the Watch 3 series from its predecessors include the integration of a voice assistant as well as making the device LTE-capable. It also includes NFC and a temperature sensor to make health monitoring quick and easy.

Other than that, the new Harmony OS installed brings a whole different set of functions that work towards enhancing the user interface and experience. To learn more, visit their official website.

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