Where are Gaiam yoga mats manufactured?


Where is gaiam manufactured?

Gaiam Americas, Inc. is located in Louisville, CO, United States and is part of the Men’s Clothing Manufacturing Industry.

Are there any yoga mats made in the USA?

Overall, we found three companies that are doing a phenomenal job of making high quality American yoga mats that are great for consumers and great for the environment: JadeYoga, Hugger Mugger, and Pravacana. We found each of them had great qualities about their yoga mats, which we’ve highlighted below. Take a look!

Who makes Gaiam?

The Gaiam brand and yoga-equipment unit were sold to Sequential Brands Group for $167 million in 2016.

Where are yoga mats produced?

Many yoga mats are produced in South East Asia, where natural rubber plantations replace biodiversity to satisfy our desire to consume.

Does Amazon own gaiam?

The consumer business includes GAIAM’s yoga, fitness and wellness products, including the GAIAM and SPRI brands, which are distributed through Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The brands will integrate into sequential’s Active Division, which is currently anchored by the AND1 and AVIA brands.

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Is gaiam a good brand?

Gaiam Yoga is a very popular brand for entry-level yogis. They create affordable yoga products of every type and generally, their products are pretty good. They don’t compare to the high-end yoga mats in quality but they do everything you need pretty well.

Which yoga mat is better jade or manduka?

The Manduka PRO has more padding than the Jade mat. It’s thicker by 1 mm. That said, the open-cell, springy texture of the Jade is soft on your knees in low lunges and in seated poses. In terms of cushioning, these mats feel equal.

The Showdown: Jade Yoga vs. Manduka PRO.

Hot Yoga Jade
Long Term Performance Manduka PRO

What yoga mat does Adriene use?

Adriene has recommended a few within the comments section. She is always switching up her choices but some of her favorites are Gaiam, Jade Yoga, and Manduka. You can purchase her Manduka yoga mat here on Amazon. Adriene recommends both higher quality and more affordable yoga mat options when asked by her following.

What is Jade yoga mat made of?

Jade mats are made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource that contains no PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubber.

Is gaiam an ethical brand?

Yes, Gaiam does support ethical practices. … You can use Gaiam coupons to unlock discounts at their website.

Is Gaia and gaiam the same company?

Gaia, Inc., formerly Gaiam, is an international alternative media video streaming service and online community focusing on fringe-science and yoga. Its brands include Gaiam TV which changed its name to Gaia in 2016.

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Does gaiam have stores?

Gaiam brands include Gaiam for yoga and fitness; Gaiam Restore, focused on wellness; SPRI, focused on fitness. We have a distribution network that consists of about 38,000 retail doors, 18,000 stores within stores, 5,000 category management locations and e-commerce.

What can I use if I don’t have a yoga mat?

Top 17 Yoga Mat Alternatives

  • Roll-Up Beach Towel. A Beach towel is not only made for lounging or sunbathing but also great to offer the perfect surface for yoga. …
  • Roll-Up Yoga Towel. …
  • Blanket. …
  • Fabric. …
  • Your Sleeping Bed: …
  • Gloves & Socks. …
  • Grassy Lawn. …
  • Carpet.


Are yoga mats really necessary?

It also provides a sort of insulation between the human body and the ground. This prevents any loss of heat, charge or energy from the body to the ground and thereby provides a thermo-insulation. For these reasons, Yoga Mat is considered necessary for every yoga practitioner.

Who invented yoga mat?

An early variety made of rubber carpet underlay, pioneered by the yoga teacher Angela Farmer in 1982, was called a sticky mat. Before modern times, meditative yoga and hatha yoga were practised on bare ground, sometimes with a deer or tiger skin rug.

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