What is embodied yoga?

Embodied Flow™ is a system of transformational yoga that invites you into the deepest sense of self. Through an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology it elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.

What is embodiment in yoga?

Embodiment can be defined as the bodily aspect of who and how we are, and yoga both points to, and impacts this. … An embodied yoga sees the body as not just a brain taxi, or as something to be transcended, but as an integral aspect of how we exist.

Which is an embodiment of yoga principles?

Embodied Yoga Principles is a pragmatic way of making postural yoga more meaningful and applicable to our everyday lives. EYP is a deep but Western, non-athletic system. It includes a set of postures to quickly reveal personal patterns, and tools for work, parenting and in personal relationships.

What is embodied movement?

Embodied movement brings us back into our body. It allows us to feel with all of our senses, and it sharpens our awareness through the mind-body connection. … And through this conscious movement, coordinated with the breath we are able to align mind, body, and spirit.

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How do you become embodied?

If you want to become more embodied, to be more joyful and alive, to feel more connected to yourself, to earth, to others: go breathe, dance, sing, practice stillness, laugh at your judgments, fears, and thoughts, be kind to your emotions, gentle with yourself and do all that in front of someone you love while truly …

What is Efsmt?


The intention of the Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy (EFSMT) Program is to offer the practitioner tools to work with groups and individuals to enhance mental, emotional, physical and biological functions in order to bring optimal well-being and healing.

What is embodiment practice?

An embodiment practice is a method of using the unique sensations of our body as a tool to develop awareness, stay present, self-regulate, feel whole, find balance, feel connected, know ourself, love ourself and be empowered.

What is embodied trauma?

The author describes how such trauma is embodied in the subsymbolic mode, which involves the affective, somatic, sensory, and motor modes of mental processing. She shows how a traumatic experience in adulthood deeply impacts and changes the protocol level of the victim’s psychological script.

What does it mean to say a person is embodied?

If you embody someone, you put him or her “in-body,” as when an actor gives a complete and compelling representation of a character. You can also use embody to describe character traits you see in a person, like, “He embodies truth,” or, “She is the embodiment of goodness.”

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What is embodied perception?

Embodied perception, sometimes called enactive perception, reacts against the traditional view that the purpose of perception is to construct mental representations of the external world.

Can you feel embodied?

To feel embodied means being at home in your body. Being at home in your body can be difficult — challenging, even — as it involves being right here, right now, and feeling the emotional and physical sensations present.

What is an embodied woman?

As a consequence to the points above, an embodied woman is a woman that knows herself so truly because she uses her body as a source of her guidance. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want just from the mere fact that she listens to her body (who again has all the answers within her).

How do you live embodied life?

Ten Centering Techniques to Live an Embodied Life

  1. Breath. Throughout the day, take five to ten slow breaths that fully expand your lungs. …
  2. Heart. …
  3. Body. …
  4. Inner world through mindfulness. …
  5. The present moment. …
  6. Radically accepting what is. …
  7. Compassion toward others. …
  8. Self-compassion – developing a compassionate mind focus.


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