What feng shui element is white?

White invites the qualities of cleanliness, purity and clarity. It’s also is connected to the metal element, in the five element system. Metal element is the energy of joy, completion, and also helpful people. The color white is the presence of all the colors of the light spectrum.

What does white mean in Feng Shui?

There are many shades of white, and in feng shui they symbolize purity and precision. White is related to the metal element and inspires clear seeing, clarity and cleansing. White is also recommended for kitchens as it’s a perfect canvas for the vibrant colors in fresh foods.

What are my feng shui colors?

Here are Your Best Feng Shui Colors To Wear


What color represents metal in feng shui?

Here’s some more about the Feng Shui qualities of Metal:

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Metal’s color ranges from pure white to light greys and soft pastels. Metal and metallic objects have a gleaming and shiny quality, rather than reflective (which characterizes the Water element).

What is the lucky color in house in Feng Shui?

While in general, blue and white are considered the lucky Feng Shui colors of 2020, there are other lucky colors you can also incorporate into your home design this year.

What is the color for prosperity?

The color Green stands for Prosperity.

Which color means luck?

Yellow signifies neutrality and good luck and that’s why it’s common to see it paired with red. Yellow in China traditionally symbolised power, royalty and prosperity. In Imperial China, yellow was the Emperor’s color. Warning!

What is the lucky colors for 2020?

The friendly colours that can bring luck to you in 2020 are red and yellow. If you wish to avoid bad luck, stay away from blue and green. Virgo natives can choose the colour green as the ruling planet of your zodiac sign is Mercury.

What is the lucky color in 2021?

Dominant and invigorating lucky colors for 2021: white, gray and silver. According to the precepts of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, Metal, main element of the Chinese year 2021, symbolizes resistance, collective interests, determination and persistence.

What is the best color for bedroom feng shui?

Feng shui practitioners recommend warm, rich earth and skin tones such as terra cotta, copper, coral, cream, peach, tan and cocoa for creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. Soft natural colors like light blues, greens and lavenders lend the bedroom a quiet, tranquil vibe and invite healing energy.

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Is Metal good for feng shui?

The metal element is precision, simplicity, and clarity. It also represents righteousness, integrity, and joy. To bring more of these qualities into your life, you can add the metal element into your home through the following design elements: Color: White, gray, and metallic colors.

What are earth Colours in Feng Shui?

To enhance the earth element with color, add earth tones, like yellow, orange, or brown. There are many ways to do this, depending on your decor and style preferences. It can be as subtle as adding a brown rug in your bedroom to ground your space, or as bold as an earthy yellow statement couch in your living room.

Are Circles good feng shui?

Feng Shui of Circular and Round Shapes

The round shape in feng shui decor is an expression of the Metal feng shui element. Circular decor items bring into your home the energy of clarity, preciseness, freshness, and equality that is the essence the Metal feng shui element.

What colors bring positive energy?

7 Positive Energy Colors for Home and Their Effect:

  • Yellow. Shades of yellow are associated with communication, self-esteem, and power. …
  • Red. Red is one of the quickest colors our brain reads. …
  • Purple. …
  • Green. …
  • Pink. …
  • White. …
  • Blue.


Which color is lucky for living room?

Recommended colors for the living room: Blues and greens: wood energy, growth, new beginnings, healing. Earthy browns, yellows, and neutrals: earth element, grounding, support, self-care. Whites: metal element, joy, clarity, precision, brightness.

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What color is good luck for a front door?

Fiery Red. Red is probably the most popular color for a feng shui-inspired front door. In feng shui, red represents good luck, protection, and fire energy.

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