Luke Jordan

He’s going for the anti-market market, that’s a good market!

I’ve just read an article which states the pretty much obvious notion that an MBA in business or PR or any similar dark art will help you become a ‘successful’ yoga teacher. As the article explains success does not mean “good at yoga”. In fact, what “good at yoga” really means is an open question. At the upper level, according to some Samkhya theorists, it will mean a complete disassociation from this mortal coil and all its trappings. To our modern conceptual framework, this is not success, it is suicide – at least for the individuated ego identity. I imagine, however, that there is probably some kind of inverse relationship graph between the use of the aforementioned dark arts and being “good at yoga”.

They are designed, instead of leading us away from fixation on image and identity, to further create images and impressions in the minds so that our goods can be more readily sold to satisfy the ‘needs’ that were, through the use of marketing, previously created. Yoga’s commodification turns it into lifestyle over liberation. Any talk of mukti is only for the money. Not that there is anything wrong with this. Its just that these dark arts happen in the, er… dark. Their modus operandi is clandestine, hidden from light. There is an expression that says ‘the bigger the front, the bigger the back’. While there are exceptions, this can often translate into – the more somebody is successful in generating public awareness of themselves the more time is spent crafting the image that is to be placed in that public awareness. Advertising ventures are not called ‘campaigns’ for no reason. It is a war to spread, like germs, the magic memes that will manipulate the minds of the masses into going mad over our merchandise! Not that there is anything wrong with that… but sit well with yoga it doesn’t.

This whole anti-marketing piece is of course actually a very cleverly disguised piece of marketing. I have several workshops upcoming and if you’d wish to sign up to my newsletter please send me a line and I’ll be happy to keep you up to date with how you can buy the Mukti Mala™(liberation guaranteed next life or your money back).

The inspiration for this piece can be found on Youtube™ by searching ‘bill hicks marketing’. I decided not to attach it because all that ‘profanity’ on a yoga blog did not seem to me a good market. Funny nonetheless though.