Luke is one of a very small number of teachers worldwide to have been granted the honour of Certification within the Ashtanga tradition.

Always feeling that there was something more to life, Luke first began formal study of Eastern mysticism in the 1990s while at University and plunged headlong into the practise of Ashtanga Yoga in the year 2000. This began the on-going journey that would take him around the world seeking out experts, gurus and teachers in the field of Yoga and spirituality, sharing his knowledge along the way.

Luke has always sought to ground his practice and teaching in the wider Yoga philosophical tradition and holds a Master’s degree in Indian Religion (his main focus being the deeper meaning of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). He remains an avid student of mystical spiritual traditions and peppers his ‘teachings’ with insights drawn from his readings of the worlds spiritual traditions and mythologies.

For more about Luke, his story and his views on yoga please read his interview with Ashtanga Parampara.